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Wisconsin Green LLC is a custom manufacturer of corrugated fiber board packaging and Point of Purchase displays. Using a custom packaging solution, Wisconsin Green can help to minimize waste, reduce product damage, and in many cases, reduce on-site inventory.


Located in West Bend, WI


Solutions - Pump Box


As the result of a customer driven initiative to remove all foam by 2013, a die-cut symmetrical corrugated insert was designed to replace the existing foam-in-place.


  • Reduced Cost

  • Compact

  • Sustainable

You folks are the greatest. Seriously, when I started in purchasing 8 years ago, the previous buyer told me that Wisconsin Green was her only supplier with no issues. Your people have always and still do what ever it takes to satisfy J&L Fiber Services. Sales, Customer Service, Manufacturing, and Delivery are superior.

John, J&L Fiber Services


I want to thank you for your efforts to help us launch our new project.  We are optimistic about the reception it will receive in the field, but as we discussed, there are no guarantees.  It is acts like this that make WI Green a desirable company to partner with.  As you may know, in my past, I have had the pleasure of doing a lot of business with Wisconsin Green.

Al, SPI Lighting

I just wanted to send you a huge 'THANK YOU' for getting the R3’s to us today. It was a tremendous help and so greatly appreciated. Please extend our thanks to your production and delivery crew as well as I know everyone at Wisconsin Green really stepped it up to get this order completed and to us in record time. We so appreciated the extra effort put forth by everyone, thank you!

Deb, American Girl , LLC

Service is What Sets Us Apart

Custom packaging is only half the story, in-house structural design, pre-press, and ISTA testing also play a key role. These services along with a powerful set of online tools, end to end product control, and the effective application of both VMI and MRP are what truly set Wisconsin Green apart.

Let us know if you have any questions!

The primary focus of VMI is identifying short term consumption at or near the point of use, to increase efficiency and reduce on-site inventory. Daily inventory, restocks, and internal distribution typically fall to Wisconsin Green, but can vary based on individual customer needs.


Vendor Manger Inventory (VMI)

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